Administrative Relief Policy Update

President Obama has just announced his plan to take action to provide administrative relief from deportation for many people.  We still don't know the full details of the program, but tens of thousands of people in Michigan could be eligible for relief.  This is what you need to know today:

  • is a collaboration of national organizations and is a trusted source for the very latest legal information about administrative relief.  
  • Community information sessions are the best defense against fraud and scams.  You can host one for 1, 2, or 1,000 people who know and trust you.  If you are considering holding a community information session, do it, and do it! The Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) has put together a number of resources for service providers and faith communities who are planning their response.  Check out the "Preparation Checklist for Community Helpers" at
  • The Michigan Immigrant Rights Center and many members of the Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights will be planning and coordinating legal workshops and will be recruiting pro bono attorneys to volunteer.  Michigan United is recruiting community volunteers to assist with outreach events and already has training sessions scheduled so click here to sign up.
There will be time for eligible people to apply, and there will be assistance and support available. Many good attorneys will be scaling up their practices and will be ready to help for a fee. We advise people who think they might benefit from administrative relief to save their money for filing fees and wait to invest in legal advice and services until after the terms of the program are clear.